Why Choose Us


Why Choose Effective Accent?

The need for effective American English business communication skills is increasing as international web conferencing, public speaking opportunities, team building, and hiring continue to accelerate in our international marketplace. Effective Accent is a powerful resource for enhancing American English business communication skills of non-native English speakers, as well as native English speakers possessing a regional accent. We help employees thrive and grow within a business or corporate setting, while highly regarding cultural identity and diversity.

How Can Your Company Benefit?

Effective Accent will provide your employees with English language skills tailored to their communication needs in the workplace, including core vocabulary; clearer pronunciation; more natural speech rhythm, voice inflection, and intonation patterns; and increased confidence of communication. When communication improves in the workplace, relationships and rapport improve between co-workers, employees and management, as well as between employees and customers or clients. In the end, everyone benefits and your business is likely to see improved customer relations and increased profit.

  • Increased Employee Retention
    Improving an employee’s ability to successfully communicate will increase his or her comfort, confidence, and success within your organization. And at the management level, the ability to be clearly understood will also result in increased retention of the employees under your management. 
  • Increased Profit
    Managing people, sharing new ideas, effective teamwork, successful employer/employee relations, and successful employee/customer relations – all require Effective Communication.
  • Professional Development
    Your company will be better positioned to meet future challenges and readily capitalize on the talent already within your organization when current employees achieve better business communication and speech clarity skills. Your employees will be better equipped to advance in their careers to positions of greater responsibility allowing for promotion from within your company, which in turn reduces training costs and recruiting fees.